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Why Outsource Your Payroll

What if payroll was a breeze? 

If you're looking for something to take the headache out of payroll, look no further than our payroll service. 
We'll help you through every step so that your employee paperwork is always up-to-date and accurate - just one less thing on your plate! It's true: we can handle all those pesky little details about salaries, taxes and benefits in order to make sure they are being handled as quickly but accurately as possible. 
Our payroll software not only handles hourly wage updates automatically (saving time), it also ties into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel with ease (giving more options). 
Isn't life easier when someone else takes care of things for us? 

Your time is valuable. You’ve got more to do than manage your employees' data in multiple systems, enter the same information over and over again for accuracy, take care of all errors that are caught with manual reconciliation techniques - you want it done once! 
Our team will keep track of everything so that's exactly what happens. We'll make sure employee cost-sharing programs stay on target by minimizing input needed from you and we won't let any opportunities slip past us because our payroll system ensures 100% accuracy at every point in the process – no rechecking necessary when something goes wrong! 

We will settle payroll discrepancies swiftly with your employees. Our time-saving formulas take care of commissions, benefits deductions, bonuses and RRSP matching so you can focus on what matters most to you - the people that work for you! We also automate T4s, remittances and ROEs so there's no need to worry about anything else when it comes down to taxes. 

The payroll solution you use should provide you with a high degree of visibility into your business and give unlimited access to reports so that you can better understand the results, make informed decisions on practices, and forecast more effectively. You can make your payroll process faster and more efficient by outsourcing it. We can manage different pay schedules for employees, as well including off-cycle payments without you incurring any additional fees! You don't need to calculate taxes manually when you have this outsourced.  Our automation tools tackle all these things and we keep your Payroll accurate, paying your employees on time, with direct deposits to multiple accounts if that is there wish. 

Using a Payroll Service just makes a ton of sense.  Freeing you up to take care of your staff and your business!  

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